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An American newsman interviews Richard Lium

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21 juli 2009 15:25

The article will be publishing shortly. It was a telephone interview today. Of cues I don?t remember exactly the questions and my answer. I liked the interview very much. I love USA and American people. Here’s a rough summary.

Why are you working as a selling CEO for a Swedish sales company?
Because I want to help my employees and my customers to be better on the personal- and economic level. I have helped 473 consulting company owners who are my clients to become multi-millionaires. I have also helped 7 of my employees to become multi-millionaires. Now when my company group will grow by hundreds, soon thousands, per cent a year will automatically many of my employees get really rich. All they need to do is to beat their day goal with 25% over time which is relatively simple. sell consultancy services are the most fun available in the world. I find it unbelievable that I get paid to do it.

Why are you working with CSR and charity?
I have worked with charities since I was 7 years old. I could not sit on the sofa with my arms crossed while we are destroying our nature and let other people starve. Doing business and then donate all to charity makes me happy.  

American newspapers have called you the Savoir from the Nordic countries?


It is true.

What are you doing to increase your confidence? What do you do to achieve long-term
When my customers and my staff get rich strengthened my self-confidence. The same applies when I improve our world. I put a day goal for my self. When I meet the goal, improved my confidence considerably. If I reach the short-term goal will I reach the long-term goal automatically. I read books about positive thinking, management, marketing and sales every day. Life is a learning process. I always want to improve myself and my company.  

What is your corporate group of 10
The world’s largest companies, measured in number of employees.

You mean that you will have more employees than the U.S. Company called Manpower in only 10


Yes. It?s an easy goal to retch.  

Good luck
you, Sir. 

Hug Richard Lium 

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